When Stranger becomes Stranger again

Yes you have guessed it right. It’s a story of a complete stranger who came into my life, stayed there for sometime.. became a very good friend and then “whoop”.. Yeah the way Harry potter disappear things using his Magic wand.. She disappeared without that and left me thinking “Did I do anything wrong?”

Disclaimer – This is not a sad love story 😛

It all started through a common friend.. Chatting online.. number exchange, hourly talks..teasing each other..It was all fun during initial days. Even her silly talks were stated meaning a lot to me. I still remember the very first time I spoke to her was over the phone and pretended to be some illiterate kind of person.. “Madam rames(h) se baat karni hai”.

Thanks god she didn’t blasted me at that time..she got irritated, which I loved. But eventually I have to reveal my identity else she would’ve stopped picking up the phone.

Sweet wali Pagal

One day I asked her to meet over a cup of coffee (Imagining myself the brand ambassador of the Ad campaign with the slogan “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”)

Things would’ve been easier if we get what we want!!

“I would be requiring an invitation to think of meeting you” was all she said.

Seems that was the only push I required. My entire world of Bollywood encyclopedia started revolving in my mind… while eating… while dreaming. The only thing I was thinking how to impress her and make it a memorable one.

After giving a thought on everything, it was time for my “Shaitani Dimag”. Inspiring from the movie Pyar ke side “effects” (only inspirations don’t think beyond that please). I prepared an invitation mailer describing the post effects if I meet her.

Guess what!! The very next day she called me up after looking at the invitation. That time I actually understood the meaning of ROFL.. Lol..while talking to her. She got really impressed and finally I got a chance to meet her over a cup of coffee.

“Hey where are you, I am waiting”, don’t know how but she was well before time and as usual we guys always late.

“I have also just reached, where are you?” I tried to act smart and started searching her.

Far from my right side, I saw a sweet little innocent type girl trying to search me with her small eyes. A Lot of curiosity in those eyes to know who she is going to meet. Finally we met and shared an amazing time over a cup of coffee… Woh kehte hai na Mast awesome ekdum Dhinchak type time by Senti Singh wala.

Since then she proved that she is “Sweet wali Pagal” and I was “Achaa wala weird” as per her.

Her love for Shahrukh

“SHAHRUKH” The word contains her entire world. She was madly in love with him. Some people even called her freak when they got to know that she went to Mumbai just to get a glimpse of Baadshah. But as they say “Har kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi milta”, she just ended up posing in front of “Mannat”. That moment was her life, someone can easily guess by her smile. If possible she could’ve stopped the time there and capture that moment forever.

I am sure her love is still continued for him.

What went wrong?

Those days she was busy towards her professional commitments. Some adhoc activities, new assignment was keeping her busy (yeah can relate myself during appraisal time of employees). She wasn’t able to take out time to talk the way we used to.

I even tried a couple of times but again don’t want to keep on disturbing her. Post completion of the assignment, things weren’t the same the way it used to be, we were hardly talking to each other. I tried to talk to her but she doesn’t seem to be interested enough. Couple of times I even send some sarcastic type messages (which later on I regretted) but kya kare EGO (Everyone’s Got One) bhi ek cheez hoti hai, kitna samjhalo manta he nahi!!

Since then neither she nor I tried to talk to each other. Later on I realized that I am even blocked in her FB and Gtalk list.

Don’t let anyone go!

I am not writing this to blame anyone or make someone feel that there’s something wrong, it’s just an attempt to make us all realize that don’t let anyone go from your life so easily. Don’t wait by saying if he/she isn’t talking then why should I? Just make an attempt!!

I am doing my piece and hopes she will also do post reading this!!

Stay happy! 🙂

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Puneet Bansal

I’m Puneet Bansal, a simple but yet exciting guy based out of Delhi. I am a writer by hobby, Photographer by passion, Poet by mood and HR by profession.

6 thoughts on “When Stranger becomes Stranger again

  • March 18, 2014 at 11:16 am

    Accha Hai Puneet!

    Waise bari hi Common Cheez Likhi hai.. Many of the times it happens- we become mad at the start and later it wipes out.. We we look back at it either we smile, regret or teach lesson to next ones..

    Greatly plotted..

  • June 15, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Awwwww here I was thinking you-were-the-i-don't-give-a-damn-types, but the poor guy had his heartbroken 🙁 Hence the perusal of .com websites to not be broken again, eh? Ah, well just keep writing like this, u won't need a dotcom.


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