The Palm Oil Gourmet Delights – An Event to Remember #Thinkpalmoil

PALM OIL?. Have you ever heard the name?. You might have, you might not but this nature’s beautiful gift is an essential part of our daily life. As we move towards the future, the main concern is sustainable development. Using resources in a manner that it fulfills our needs and remains in the same quantity for our future generations as well, at the same time not affecting the environment.

Palm oil is a name which is not popular among today’s population but it occupies a big part in our daily life. Extracted from the oil Palm tree fruits and kernels, this essential product is utilized in countless possible ways that we cannot even think of. Palm oil is not only utilized to prepare edible food products but also plays a major role in non-edible and factory purposes. Malaysia and Indonesia are the major producers of Palm oil, contributing 85% of the sum total production to the world. Palm oil and is variant fractions are utilized in the production of 50% of the food products as well as the chemicals derived from it are the constituents of many of the self-care products in the market.

Malaysia palm oil council who promotes the use of Palm oil and spreads awareness as well as educate people about the boons of this natural product organized a delightful, informative and interactive event called, ‘PALM OIL GOURMET DELIGHTS’. The event took place in the well-known restaurant in Connaught Place, Delhi, names Ardor 2.1.

The main purpose of the event was to spread awareness among the people regarding the use and benefits of Palm oil in our life. And who is better than to know the benefit of the healthy ingredients than the food bloggers themselves? The event started with the introduction of the guest of honor and the force behind the promotion of this amazing natural product, Dr. Bhawna Shah, the regional head of Indian and Sri Lanka in Malaysia Palm oil council.

The introduction to Palm oil was very informative as many of the facts and data presented during the presentation were not only accurate but important as well. Starting from the cultivation of the oil Palm trees to extraction of the oil from the fruits and kernels, from manufacturing the edible products to lubrication of the machines in those mega-factories, from marketing strategies and myths and preconceptions regarding the effects of unsaturated fatty acids to the benefits of Palm oil in curing diseases and ailments. The presentation covered all the topics.

The event was not only informative but interactive as well. It was organized in such a manner that the people who attended the event not only understood the importance of Palm oil theoretically but practically as well. The event also included a game of treasure hunt. The treasure hunt revolved around the benefits of Palm oil itself. The clues and the destinations were designed in such a manner that they all reflected the variants of Palm oil.

The purpose was to figure out the name of the restaurant by decoding the clues that were pretty provided.

The first clue led us to Pandey’s pan shop, where the participants tried the Butterscotch pan, which consisted palm oil as one of the ingredients. This was the part where the participants tasted the food product made with palm oil.


The next clue led us to my bar headquarters, where the task was to use palm oil and several other ingredients to prepare the most delicious and creative salad one could make. And the results were amazing. It is not brought out the creativity but also the participants came to know how to utilize palm oil while preparing food items. The salads prepared by the participants were presented to Dr. Bhawna and the chef from my bar for tasting and judgment.

The next stop was Punjabi by nature, where the task was to answer a questionnaire in which the questions were based on the information provided during the presentation. I would say that this was a great method of making the participants aware and to see how much the participants learned about palm oil.

The last task took place in Ardor 2.1 itself, where it all began. The task was a blindfold food tasting of the dishes prepared in Palm Oil. Participants were blindfolded and were presented with dishes which they had to taste and further had to write the ingredients which were utilized to prepare that dish.

The event ended with a buffet and the prize distribution for the winners of the treasure hunt.

The event was a great way to promote and spread awareness about a product whose name barely someone knows but yet it is a major part of our daily life. Palm oil, from its manufacturing advantages to the health benefits, is a multipurpose resource. Being a citizen of this world we should promote and support such movements which not only gives a way towards sustainable development but as well as access to a resource that can be used for multiple purposes.  The event was an eye opener for many people who had preconceptions about palm oil and was a gift of knowledge for all those who didn’t know about Palm oil.


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