#SayYesToTheWorld, don’t fear the unknown but embrace, be curious

Woke up with an envelope lying beside my head, I opened it and found a letter,

Inside the envelope, there was a ticket, an unusual one. It was confusing but yet appealing. What should I do? The first question that popped up in my head. I looked at the ticket in my hand and my vision turned towards my phone, the screen was glowing and I was able to see the time.. 3:00 in the morning it was. Then my perspective changed towards the files and folders on my study table. There were only two options, go back to bed and wait for my alarm to wake me up at 8:00, be office at 9:30 and start of the weekend just like the usual and Mondays and wait for the weekend to come or say yes to the unknown.

Should I stay or should I go? I was unable to take the decision. But the fear of the unknown it’s a two-faced coin itself. It makes you fear what lies ahead but yet it gives birth to the undying curiosity which is buried deep within your heart. So, what I did I tossed the coin and let the fates decide. The next moment I was at the bus stop with my bag strapped to my back and the ticket in my hand. I still thought it could be a just a mirage but yet a mirage may not be real it gives you hope. Just after a minute a bus came and stopped, the gates opened and I hopped on the bus. It was unusual because there was no one on the bus except for me and the driver. I took a seat and asked the driver where were the other passengers to which he replied

‘This is your journey boy, you have to do this alone.’

I was watching the streets pass by and the blurry light which depicted the life of the city. Living in the jungle of concrete and following the same routine each and every day, what’s the fun in knowing everything when you can dive into the unknown and discover something new every second. I fell asleep and drifted into the world of dreams.

I woke up with a jerk, the bus stopped and the driver told me that this was the destination and I had to get off. I took my bag and got off in the middle of nowhere.

There was nowhere to go, just green woods all around me and the road. And the bus went away and I saw it till it disappeared into the horizon. Where should I go now? There was no sign of people or civilization. I was there, with the wilderness and nature. This was it, the fear of being alone but at the same time the feeling of freedom. The air was fresh, the sky was clear, this was like the first time I saw the sky without the skyscrapers covering it. At the place of the traffic, there was chirping of the birds, the noise of the city was replaced by the song of the wind and the rustling of leaves. This was the getaway. Without hesitation I followed the road with a smile on my face, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the kisses of the cold morning breeze. The road came to a dead end and led to a trail which entered the woods.

The trail was like a pathway to a different world, it was the domain of the natural beauty. Giant fir and coniferous trees lined along the pathway. The sun rays filtered through the canopy of the woods lit up the way. The orchestra of nature giving their best performance. Till now I had forgotten the tension about giving my projects on time, completing the daily office tasks. I think there was something in the air, a natural stress reliever. After an hour of walk, the toll of physical stress took over, after all this was after a long time I had walked rather than taking a taxi. The sound of a flowing stream got my attention, I followed the sound and met with a brook.

The water was crystal clear, I took my bottle out and filled up the water and just one sip refreshed my whole body. I looked at the far bank of the brook and saw a Deer drinking the cold fresh water from the brook. It lifted its head and with its majestic antlers, it looked Devine. It looked at me and then turned and disappeared into the woods. It was just like it was welcoming me to its Kingdom.

I kept following the stream as the mountains welcomed me as they stood on the banks of the brook. The white cliffs were as high as the skyscrapers in the city, the only difference was that the cliffs were calm they didn’t have the rush of the creatures who called themselves humans.

It was a path that I never took in my life yet never regretted it. But now I realized what I was missing in my life, our ancestors were the ones who wandered these lands and explored the unknown and living the real thrill in life. They were the ships that didn’t stay at the harbor but sailed the seas to fight the waves and storms and came out victorious. The brook led me to a small village in the middle of nowhere. The outskirts of the village were lined up with small farms with growing wines and sweet berries decorating the bushes and the trees. The air was sweet as the fruits and Vineyards were adding the fragrance to the environment.

The people looked at me and nodded with a smile. They were strangers but yet it felt like they knew me for years. They greeted me not as a stranger but as a traveler. They offered me shelter as I was tired. I spent the time with the elders of the village as they told me stories of the past and shared their experience. They told me the stories of our ancestors, how they traveled without knowing the destination, with just their will and hunger for curiosity to find and reach the unknown. They said yes to the world.

Life is unexpected but yet we expect too much from it. God made the world a dynamic place which keeps on changing but yet we plan everything, trying to defy the laws of nature. This is the difference between nature and humans, nature accepted us the way we are but we never accepted it, we have always tried to mold it into a form that we want. I experienced the culture, the majestic and colorful culture which has not changed for centuries. They told me about the festivities and rituals they perform which I have never heard of. Their unity with nature and their respect for the mother nature.

Night came, but rather than dead silence there was life, there was a difference between the nightlife in the cities and this place, they didn’t have electronic music systems their native songs, they didn’t take selfies, they talked and laughed, they didn’t isolate themselves in a corner looking at the glowing screen of a mobile phone, they danced with their friends and family. I enjoyed and felt lucky at the same time-honored that I witnessed such a culture. The time to sleep came but they didn’t lock the doors and slept in their houses, they slept in the arms of the mother nature with the sky as their roof and earth as their bed. I did the same as I looked at the starry sky.

The stars were like the city lights from the skyline. I thought to myself, so this is how God looks at us, just dots of light flickering down below. That night I slept peacefully. The best sleep I had in years. I woke up and the people bid me farewell as I left the village. I never looked back, I was afraid that if I looked back, I will never be able to leave. And it was necessary, one has to keep moving on in order to discover the world ahead.

To my surprise just outside the village, the same bus was waiting for me. I knew it was the time to go home. All I saw and experienced will now just be memories but yet I knew that I will never regret my decision of exploring the world. The doors opened and I entered the bus and took my seat. This was not the same me which boarded the bus a day ago, this was a new me, I was reborn. The bus driver asked me

‘So boy, how was it? ‘

‘It was something that I will never regret.’  I replied

‘That’s what I wanted. ‘ the bus driver said

Suddenly, I woke up and I was on my bed. I looked around everything was the same. I realized that it was all a dream. But yet it felt so real. Is this what we call #TheBlindList?

I saw my phone there was a text.

Be in office on time, from Boss

This time, I knew what I had to do. This time I knew which road to take.

Life is unexpected, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, so why do we expect, why we plan everything. Just let life guide the way and just keep on walking with optimism and love in your heart. #SayYesToTheWorld, don’t fear the unknown but embrace, be curious.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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