Let the wanderlust take over #SayYesToTheWorld

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Sitting in a room, surrounded by four walls, feeling like a bird inside a cage who cannot spread its wings and fly in the open sky, one cannot live a life like this. Life on earth started out there, in the arms of mother-nature, it was never meant to be restrained. From the beginning of humanity and civilizations, our forefathers have been wanderers and travellers. They travelled from place to place, in search of food, shelter and a place to settle down. But travelling doesn’t always mean finding a home, sometimes it’s about leaving it and drift into the unknown. We have heard of numerous people who were world travellers, they didn’t travelled to find food or shelter but they travelled because they had the wanderlust and the hunger to fulfill their curiosity.

Today in this 21st century we are settled and we don’t have to wander out there, hunting or gathering. But we sit behind the glowing screens of our mobile phones, computers or televisions. That curiosity and wanderlust have been lost for a long time now.

Let the wanderlust take over

One needs to open our minds and see the world with a different perspective. We are the descendants of explorers and pioneers. Just as Robert Frost said in his poem, ‘two roads diverged in a wood, and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler’, in the same way, we should move away from the known path and enter the unknown. As for me, I was same as the bird inside the cage, able to see the blue sky but was not able to reach for it. Every day I used to look at the horizon and think what lies out there? But one day I got the opportunity. Now I was the person standing in front of the fork of the two roads. And at that moment my curiosity and the dream of exploration ignited the fire inside me to see the unseen. And I chose to love the world which is out there rather than in which I was restrained. And unlike the poet I never regret my decision to take the road that I chose, at that moment I became a true traveller.

See the unseen

When you travel you visit different places, meet different people and see different things that you haven’t seen before. At that moment you realize how diverse the world is. When you travel you open your mind and see things with a different perspective, you see the big picture and all the small details and only one feeling is left which you feel frequently, the feeling of surprise and amazement. For open-mindedness has opened many portals. When I was a kid I used to see these emporiums with antique artifacts, but I never wondered from where did they come from. But after a few years I visited Jodhpur, and at that moment I saw the people who made these handicrafts. Then I got to know how these traditions and techniques were passed down from generations which led me to learn more about the past and history behind them.

You see things are interconnected, which lead to one thing then to another. Curiosity comes from open-mindedness and open-mindedness comes from travel. Since I open my arms to the world I have learned a lot.

Say yes to the world and start your own journey

I have so many places to visit in my bucket-list. Travelling and saying yes to the world is necessary. Our mind is like an ocean, its deep and waves of thoughts keep crashing inside our head. But we never let those thoughts set free because we have built a dam of ‘What ifs’ inside. We have to let go of all those what-ifs and accept everything that comes. When I started travelling I saw the world in a different way because I left all those what-ifs behind. The world is full of mysteries that are to be solved, places to visit, people to meet. And when I travel that open-mindedness lets me cast aside gender, race, color, religion and become a true human being. We are somehow connected with everything that is on the face of this earth and that’s when curiosity kicks in.

I don’t know many things about the world, about the cultures, about the flora and fauna, I have so many hows and whys in my mind and I love it because that makes me go out there and see and know everything I want. I want to see and know the world because I know there are things that are waiting to be found and that’s why I love the world and I love travelling. Its time for me to #SayYesToTheWorld

Do watch this Video by Lufthansa and see what others have to say about the reason for loving the world.

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