Connecting people!! Though this is Nokia’s tagline..but in my case, it fits perfectly on Facebook.

Last Year, It was just a Random afternoon and I was accessing my Facebook account in office (as usual chori chupe), sometimes it gives great pleasure to do such things while hiding from everyone but with an extra bit of fear that no one is looking at your screen. Alt + Tab these two keys are your best friend during that time. Thanks to the manufacturer, if I knew them I would’ve awarded them the “Best Jaan Bachao” award.

It started while I was going through the random updates of my friends and I saw some summer photography contest rolled out by Snapfish on their fan page. Thanks to our very own Viru, yes this is what we call him who have posted one of his entry at their Fan page. I must say he is an amazing photographer with the perfect way to look things differently and an eye to capture them. Apart from his entry their were many others who have shown their skills keeping in mind the theme i.e. Summer. Suddenly my cursor stopped while scrolling down, there I saw a girl posing for the camera (which they are best in doing always).

I kept on looking at her eyes for sometime which were Full of Naughtiness, happiness and some magic. Naah..not that Pyar..Ishq wala feeling or i should say no Yash chopra and Karan Johar’s movie type situation. But yes something was there, which I could feel.

I got little excited as the place where that picture was taken is kinda known to me. So, without giving a second thought I saw that tempting button which is available on every girl’s homepage called as “Add a friend” and pressed it. This button seemed to be the only ray of hope for me at that time.

“Hey.. do I know u?”, that was the very first message that popped up in my Inbox.

Unfortunately due to limited access to Facebook (In office) and thanks to my not so called “Smart” phone i wasn’t able to respond her..anyway the day I got the access, to reply her was my first thing to do.

Hi, how r u? remember me?, I tried to act smartly to strike the conversation.

“Hey.. i dnt really knw u” was all she said.

“how r u? its really been a long time”, another attempt to confuse her and at least make her think about various creatures she ever met in her life.

“Cummon! m sure dat i dot knw u xcpt dat u liked my entry on snapfish.. u acting smarty.. i knw!!”, wasn’t expecting such an answer from a Girl hats off to her IQ.

Getting a response like that was a little shocker but being into HR profession you know how to interact with a Stranger. It’s not that I haven’t spoken to strangers before.. but something was there with her, her responses..acting smartly. We kept on chatting like we know each other since our birth.

“So whts goin on, apart from chating with me (which m sure urs first reaction) n chilling out in rain (ur status says so)?”, I tried to make the conversation more interesting by introducing my humour side (Yeah!! HR do have humour side)

“Heeeheee nicely put.. doing up my room”. With a couple of smileys..thanks to yahoo or whosoever for introducing them.. at least one can judge the mood of the other basis these emotions.

“Need help?”, I replied instantly.. though just dreaming about me cleaning up my room scared sometimes.

“Nopee!! m sufficiently enuf”, her response was way too humble and kinda sigh of relief for me.. what if she would’ve said yes!!

Our endless chat continued then after for many days, whenever I saw her online or vice versa we kept on disturbing each other. It became a part of my KRA in office to chat her an hour at least.

The Day we met –

Finally, the day arrived, I still can’t forget the day i met her, she was exactly the same as in her profile picture (normally people only post the best pictures of themselves).

Though it was our first meeting, however, we were talking like we had met a couple of times before. Remembering those moments automatically bring a smile on my face. It felt great talking to her and on the same hand was thinking was I really talking to a stranger?

She also showed me her house while we were walking down the street in her colony, some 7th Floor I guess. We spoke about our hobbies, likes..dislikes, her BF and my so called “Ex” etc..Our endless chat continued, however, due to some personal commitments had to say goodbye to her with a promise in mind to meet her again.

Nowadays she is a very good friend of mine, we kept on sharing things now and then. Be it taking views on different things, our taste of Music, her “Chimputer” jaisa mind and me trying to prove her wrong always.

As they say (I really don’t know who said this), “We meet many people in our life, however, only a few stays forever”. Yes, she is one of them!!

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Puneet Bansal

I’m Puneet Bansal, a simple but yet exciting guy based out of Delhi. I am a writer by hobby, Photographer by passion, Poet by mood and HR by profession.

8 thoughts on “F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K

  • January 1, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    i thought it's a love story 🙂 but it's a very gud friend story :P…. jo bhi hai it's a very gud story… way to go punnu 🙂

  • January 1, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Its really a good one…. Jo bhi likha dil se likha….. Keep it up punnu bhai 🙂

  • January 1, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Nicely expressed and composed, good job Punns…

  • April 8, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Sweet story, I enjoyed a lot. Well written and explained. Keep it up. By the woild love to read more on your blog.


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