Don’t let our Future go up in Smoke

Day by day the fresh air of our environment is getting polluted due to the mixing of biological molecules, particulates, & other harmful materials. Such polluted air is causing some serious health issues, diseases and even death. Air pollution has now become one of the most important environmental issues, which require being addressed by the efforts from each one of us.

Air pollution refers to the contamination of air because of the presence of dust, smoke, motor vehicles, mills & toxic gasses (from anthropogenic or natural sources), which have poisonous and harmful effects. Metros across India bear the major impact of environmental pollution; likewise, Delhi is at the receiving end in India. It is quite evident that 1/3 of the World’s asthma patients is from India which really makes it a big concern to think and act upon.

What is the main cause of air pollution?

Air pollution is caused directly through the use of transportation, fuels and electricity. We also responsible for causing air pollution indirectly, when we buy services & goods that use energy in their production and as well in delivery. Most of this air pollution is due to the results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as Oil, coal, oil, gasoline, and natural gas to power our vehicles and produce electricity.

Who Is Most at Risk?

Air pollution is a problem for all of us. However, few groups of people is especially sensitive to common air pollutants such as ground-level ozone and particulates. Sensitive populations include older adults, children, people who are mostly active outdoors, and people with lung or heart diseases, such as asthma. People who are sensitive to air pollution must need to be aware of steps they need to take to protect their health.

What is the way forward?

Recently I came across a campaign by Pureit, wherein they were making people aware of the Air pollution and the way to fight against it. I was quite surprised to receive these products and it really made me think about the rising Air Pollution worries in our metro cities.

Idea by the brand is to let people know how important the fresh air is to breathe in this polluted environment, which makes me go and check their offerings and products.

Information mentioned on their website are quite an eye opener, it helps me to understand that using an Air Purifier seems to be the most apparent one to ensure that you breathe only the best and pure air within your home. Most of our time is spent indoor, hence using an Air Purifier at home will surely bring down the risk of breathing bad air and will bring some freshness in lives of your loved ones.

How to choose?

Air purifiers work best with closed windows and doors—so that they don’t have to constantly filter polluted air. The purification capacity needs to be complemented to the room size, which typically measured in square feet.

One of the nicer features to have is a built-in refresh display to know when the last time Air in your room was refreshed. Other features you can consider are Air purity indicator, child lock, quiet operation and most important how good is that to remove the various range of Air pollutants.

What do we recommend?

There has been a lot of debate as to which Air purifier is better than the others. Many companies are making various promises, however, it’s quite a difficult task to trust unless we know the importance and befits one has to offer.

Pureit Air Purifier helps provide a pure and comfortable environment for your family. It effectively removes common airborne contaminates like dust, pollen, Mold Spores and pet dander from air passing through the filter to give you a pure living solution.

It has a 360 air intake and well-designed air vents that refresh the air in your room every 13 minutes and are optimized for lowest power consumption. Pureit is the only Air Purifier certified for a measurable efficiency of 99% removal of 6 different pollutants in an hour. While every other competition makes claim on filter efficiency, they make the claim on product’s working efficiency.

It also offers a Promise of ensuring that people get an alert when their filters are due for a change & shut the device out post filter expiry to ensure we are always breathing only the best air.

So stay healthy by ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and pure. If you give priority to your life and family, then Pureit air purifier is what you need.

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Puneet Bansal

I’m Puneet Bansal, a simple but yet exciting guy based out of Delhi. I am a writer by hobby, Photographer by passion, Poet by mood and HR by profession.

One thought on “Don’t let our Future go up in Smoke

  • March 23, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    An article on a very important issue. We all know our cities are polluted, but we do not know how bad it actually is. It is an issue we all need a reality check of from time to time.


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