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Merely breathing is not enough, merely existing on planet earth is not enough. To sustain the life on this green and blue planet, it is essential that we must take care of the environment. Now, environment does not only mean the air around us or the greenery that surrounds us. From meeting people at work to greeting people at the park, everything that we do or everything that exists around us is a part of the environment. The very major role is played by the environment in a way that it can actually persuade our way of living. Focusing on the capital city of our country, Delhi, a lot of initiatives have been taken by a lot of brands, government and corporates to make sure that the city becomes better than ever. Working together for a noble and good cause is what the main focus is on.

Initiatives taken by Vodafone

To make sure that the life becomes exactly how it should be and runs smoothly, a lot of initiatives have been taken by Vodafone. Speaking honestly, many convoluted problems have been solved and the environment has become better. Development is now happening at a good pace. Few initiatives taken by Vodafone are as below:

  1. With so much population and everything, the business nowadays is having a tough time. It is time that one supports the young entrepreneurs with their startups and help the new brand or companies to establish. Well, Vodafone has supported a lot of startups like Oyo and Zomato by giving them free Vodafone products for the value up to 2, 00,000. Helping them in building a stronger base is what Vodafone has done and is absolutely commendable.
  2. Connecting and communicating in today’s world is very important. Without these two the world will be as worse as hell. Vodafone has provided wit over more than 120 free Wi-Fi zones across Delhi and NCR. Be it a market haul like Delhi haat or a mall like DLF place, free Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere.
  3. Breathe the clean air. Clean? Who are we kidding? Vodafone has done a really appreciable work by building the very first air-purifying bus shelter. There is no need to mention that the pollution level has crossed limits now. In order to protect the people from breathing unpurified air, Vodafone has done this. While waiting for the bus, people now breathe a clean air.
  4. Along with free Wi-Fi spots, Vodafone built the first Wi-Fi bus shelter in Gurgaon. Wait, the best part is yet to come. Even those who are not the Vodafone users, can avail the services for 20 minutes. The goal is not to tout about Vodafone but to genuinely make the capital city a developed one.
  5. Diwali is around the corner. Instead of harming the environment at a large scale for our own little fun, let us all join hands with Vodafone and celebrate “Green Diwali.” Super crackers are available at 52 stores from 16th-19th The crackers are filled with plant seeds. Plant the seed and let it grow! The Supreme Court has banned the fireworks in the city to undo the damage done in the last so many years. It is never too late. Go green by celebrating green Diwali.

There are a lot of problems in the way people treat the environment, nature and the planet. The time has come to take a step, raise the voice and do the needful. Sitting and complaining won’t do any good. Just like Vodafone, there are many others too who have started caring for the environment and planet. The results because of the Vodafone initiatives are worth mentioning. More than half the population of the country has now become Vodafone supporters! Vodafone through all the hard work and by fair means has earned 1.2 crore customers in Delhi and across NCR. Every 30 seconds, there is at least a customer who appreciates Vodafone for all the work that it has done and is doing by taking the social responsibility and obligation very seriously. Doing things just for the sake of it will not fetch any good results. Vodafone has now become one of the best exemplars of all the time.

Diwali, a festival of lights has arrived. Do not waste the efforts of Vodafone or any other initiatives taken by a lot of people just by bursting crackers in one day. There are a lot of other environment friendly ways to celebrate it. Be the change that you wish to see.

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