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365 days in a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, she is the one who looks up for you, care for you and does everything for you. A hard-working soul, a caring personality and a never-ending blessing. Our mother.

From the moment you were born to the moment you took your first step and to the moment when you step out in the real world and become a man. She has been the driving force behind our success. From preparing your breakfast to packing up your school bag, from packing up your tiffin for office to Washing your clothes. There hasn’t been a moment when she stopped working.

Being a housewife and a mother, she performs all the household tasks and chores by heart. And we all share the same belief that daughters are the ones who support the mothers in performing these chores. If we talk about the sons, well the belief of masculinity blurs our vision. Being the son in the family, we live our lives in the fast lane hence we forget what’s happening inside the house. But isn’t this the sad truth that we don’t share the load. Ariel has come up with an idea to let mothers take a day off from their hectic life and let the sons of the family share the household load. The idea is to encourage the sons to engage in household chores and activities for one day.

And which day could be better than Sundays? Most of us enjoy our Sundays relaxing on the couch and enjoying our leisure time. But at the same time, this is the most hectic day for our mother, as they have to make sure that our Sundays should not get spoilt.

But I say, that the day our mothers should take a day off and take rest.

For this Ariel came up with the #ShareTheLoad movement, wherein for at least four consecutive Sundays, sons can help their mothers in the chores of the house.

This might seem a disaster, as a novice enters the playground with no past experience. But yet, that’s where the fun is.

I have my own share of this amazing experience.

Working in a private sector, you don’t get enough time to help your family in household activities, but yet I have seen my mom care for me and work for me day in and day out. Even if I come home late at night, the dinner is ready to be served. If I don’t get the time to talk with my mom, she gets the time to clean my room and wash my clothes.

Because of the #ShareTheLoad movement, I got the opportunity to help my mom the way she helps me.

It started with a surprise on Sunday, when I entered the kitchen to help her. We’ll her reaction was something that I can’t forget. I think dramatic daily soap music was playing in the background. And that was the day I realized, how tough is it to cook food, not for one person but for the whole family. Well, the bad part was I had to eat the half-burnt chapattis.

The next Sunday was the laundry day, and I when I saw the pile of clothes, I had the urge to back up but again my mom divided the pile of clothes. So I had to wash my own clothes which were the other half of the pile, seems funny right? But tough as hell. But when I put on some music while working, and me and my mom enjoyed and sung the lyrics it became much easy. Who would have thought that doing the laundry could be more fun?

No matter how much we try, there is no comparison of the hard work our mother does. Day in and day out, she never stops. The best we can do is to make her day special is by sharing the load of her work once a week, so that she can take a day off. It’s just a beginning and this message should reach every part of the country and the world, so that from now on Sundays can be converted into Son-days and new minds should be established.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda. What about you?

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Puneet Bansal

I’m Puneet Bansal, a simple but yet exciting guy based out of Delhi. I am a writer by hobby, Photographer by passion, Poet by mood and HR by profession.

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